Story of Science Fiction


story of science fiction


Early in 2017 DK was approached by AMC to pitch a title sequence for their new Documentary Series, James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction. A team of creatives lead by Ryan Summers was assembled to pursue the project. The following boards are the result of my visual exploration.





Travel Through




Science Fiction ask the questions society avoids, and by doing this, we go through a journey where we encounter infinite pathways of exploration, were every answer we find asks for more questions to be answered. The concept revolves around the idea of infinite pathways, were we start our journey by opening a door for questioning, transcending through continuous paths of thought represented by different environments until we land on an answer, only to start questioning once again. 

As we travel through, we listen to a continuous pattern of sound, repeating itself and becoming more tense, filling up with adrenaline, until landing on our big reveal. Both sound and graphics combine in order to generate a sense of infinity and exploration, always going forward.